artistic style is a loose and explosive poetic interweaving of colour, form, and rhythm, joyfully fusing the exotic with the familiar. Her love of intense colour has led her from watercolours to acrylics, and her love of the spiritual can be seen in her many co-creative paintings with non-physical artistic masters. Her special gift of "Painting with the Masters" such as Matisse, Van Gogh, Modigliani, Picasso, to name but a few, enables her to function as a unique preserver of the arts, erasing barriers of life and death, space and time.

Monieca’s acrylics, prints, and portraits reflect the joyful and harmonious beauty and magnificence of the worlds around and within us, uplifting the spirit for a deeper appreciation of life.


“Art and Spirit” show at Cedar Ridge Gallery

Monieca recently won an Ontario-wide contemporary art competition that offered her the opportunity to exhibit her "Art and Spirit" show at Cedar Ridge Gallery in Toronto, Ontario, January 12-24, 2014.


Monieca's painting Sunflower Rumba received an Honourary Mention at the June 2013 Cedar Ridge Gallery Exhibition, along with this critique by fine artist and teacher Laurette Wijetunga:

"A bold personal interpretation with strong colour sense gives the viewer the dramatic statement the artist intended. A fearless approach to structure and composition."

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